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*really hardcore lyrics about hating my town and eating pizza* 😎✌️🎶🍕

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My anaconda will consider it

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Science Teacher: *points to board* If my velocity--
Me: *stands up and slams hands on desk* stARTS TO MAKE YOU SWEAT THEN JUST. *grabs the kid sitting next to you's shirt* DoN'T. *gets in their face* LET GO. *jumps on desk and rips off shirt* AND iF THE HeavEN AiN'T GOT A VACANCY, *runs into hallway* THEn WE JUsT THEN WE JuST AND WE JUST GET UP AnD GO. *busts out schools front doors and runs into traffic*
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Steal His Look: Bob Belcher

Versace apron - $635

Fendi mustache - $98

Louis Vuitton shirt - $7,245

Giorgio Armani suede shoes - $369

Calphalon spatula - $179

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Hayley Williams is one of those white people that get mad when someone wears a band t and doesn’t listen to the band. This isn’t a joke or a meme she legitimately tried to call someone out for that

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Stephane’ Rolland Haute Couture Fall 2014-15

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Steal her look: Every white teen male

Aďđidas Sandals: $89
Gucci Cargo Shorts $112
Anna Sui Snapback $156
Oběy Hoodie $94

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When I met and shook hands with President Obama on Friday I introduced myself and said, “my name is Spencer Griffin and I work at collegehumor.com.” He said, “okay, so are you funny?” and I said confidently, “yeah, I’m funny.” And he said, “tell me something funny.” And I blanked. He laughed and said, “yeah, that’s what I thought.” I got roasted by the President of the United States.


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